Indane Gas Booking Number – Customer Guide 2019

Indane Gas Booking Number – Customer Guide 2019

Indane gas is one of the largest LPG distributors in the world and a very trusted name among Indian households. They have a very successful distribution network as they deliver 1.2 million gas cylinders every day. By taking this huge number into consideration, we decided to create this article in which we are going to share the Indane Gas Booking Number and we will also tell you “How to book Indane Gas or refill?“.

Indane Gas Booking Number

In the starting of 1970, Indian Oil Corporation has introduced the LPG in India and today they cater to 5.8 million happy customers.

Today, every 7 out of 10 households are having the LPG connection of Indane Gas. There was one more player entered the Indian market in 1998, named Indraprastha Gas Limited.

Indane Gas offers the LPG connection for both domestic & commercial usage and the capacity of the cylinder is different for both the segments. For domestic usage, the weight is 14.2 kg and for commercial usage, the weight is 19 kg.

What is the process to book Indane Gas?

Indian Oil Corporation offers multiple ways to book your Indane gas cylinder. All possible ways are listed below.

Booking through Indane Gas Booking Number

Customers can book an Indane cylinder by dialing Indane gas booking phone number and following a simple IVRS. In the table below, You can find the refill booking numbers of Indane according to city wise. For example, if your city is Delhi then dial Indane gas booking number Delhi.

The stepwise process for booking is also shared below in the article. Please scroll down and go through it to get a better understanding.

CityRefill Booking No.
Vijayawada97852 24365
Tirupathi97852 24365
Hyderabad98488 24365
Ahmedabad96243 65365
Chittoor97852 24365
96243 65365
Surat96243 65365
Chaibasa97080 24365
Ranchi97080 24365
Chatra 97080 24365
Faridabad99115 54411
Bengaluru89700 24365
Kaiwara Village89700 24365
Uchangidurga89700 24365
Gudibande89700 24365
Annigere89700 24365
kaiwara89700 24365
Alipura89700 24365
Malur-channapatna89700 24365
Nallahalli89700 24365
Sathanur89700 24365
Nandaguddi89700 24365
Mumbai92231 01260
Kochi99618 24365
Jabalpur96691 24365
Bhopal96691 24365
96691 24365
Jaipur97852 24365
Jodhpur97852 24365
Baliguda90908 24365
90908 24365
Cuttack90908 24365
Bhugrai90908 24365
Kabisurya Nagar90908 24365
Ludhiana97813 24365
97813 24365
Chennai81240 24365

81240 24365
Nagamalai81240 24365
Kadiapatnam81240 24365
Kallanai81240 24365
Noida99115 54411
Pudukottai81240 24365
Hyderabad98488 24365
Lucknow87260 24365
Ghaziabad99115 54411
Amta90883 24365
Siliguri90883 24365
kolkata90883 24365
Agra87260 24365
Bagda90883 24365
Hooghly90883 24365

90883 24365
Delhi 9911554411

Follow these 5 steps to book Indane gas refill request by IVRS-

1. Indane IVRS provides support in three languages: Hindi, English and corresponding local language so, first of all, you have to select the language type in which you are comfortable to talk.

2. On the second step, you have to provide the STD code of your city and your Indane distributor’s number.

3. After getting the confirmation of the distributor, you will be asked to enter your consumer number. If you don’t have your consumer number, check your last indane gas bill receipt or contact your distributor. You will get it easily, no need to worry.

4. The IVRS will validate your consumer number and after a positive validation, you will be asked for booking, complaint and many other options. Choose the booking option and your booking will get registered successfully.

5. You will get an auto-generated SMS from Indane gas on your registered number in which they will send a booking reference number.

The Indane gas booking process through IVRS will take max to max 3-4 minutes so we prefer to use Indane gas booking customer care number to book the request of a refill.

Booking Through Indane Gas Booking App

Indane has launched an application for making the booking and other processes easy and time-saving. Indane gas booking application works smoothly on both Android & IOS smartphones. The facility of Indane gas refill booking through mobile application works for all the regions of India.

For booking through the app, you just need to create an Indane gas login id, then enter some details like your consumer number, your contact details and the details of your distributor.

Apart from booking, you can also use Indane gas application to file any complaint, suggestion or feedback about your distributor.

Booking Through Indane Gas SMS service

Not having to much time to call on Indane gas booking number and follow IVRS or not having a smartphone to access Indane gas mobile application, then you can use Indane SMS booking service. You can find the number from the above-listed table on which you have to send the SMS.

You just need to send an SMS on your city or area’s number and SMS will be like this ” IOC < distributor’s number with STD code> < consumer number>”.

Booking through Indane Gas Online Booking process

Apart from booking numbers, mobile application and SMS, you can also register the request of refill through Indane Web portal. To know the process of Indane online gas booking, follow the below-shared steps.

Before going for online booking, you should keep your consumer number and distributor details with yourself because you need to put these details once you log in successfully.

1. Open the Indane gas web portal and login using your login credentials( Login id & password)

2. After doing Indane gas login successfully, you will see the complete details about your Indane gas connection. Now click on the option “Order Your Refill”

3. Fill the form with required details and proceed for the payment. You can do an online payment or you can also choose the option of cash payment at the time of delivery.

4. Confirm your booking by clicking on “Book Now” option.

5. You will get a reference number of your booking request which you can use for tracking the status of delivery online.

Booking Through Indane Gas Distributor

You can also visit your nearest Indane gas distributor agency to register the request of refill. Make sure to carry your consumer number because they will ask you for the same at the time of taking the booking request.

Indane Gas Customer Care Department

Indane is serving a huge number of customers in India so they have appointed customer care department for addressing the complaints, feedback and queries of customers. The trained customer support professionals are available 24/7 and they are just one call away from you. Dial Indane gas customer care number and get a quick solution of Indane related issues.

Indane Gas Toll Free Helpline Number – 18002333555

Indane has launched a toll free helpline for the customers where customer care team handles all the queries, complaints and issues. The helpline operates from 8 am to 8 pm so call between the working hours only.

Indane Gas Online Registration Process for Consumers

Indane also offers a separate dashboard for the consumers where any consumer can manage his/her LPG connection online. This is free of cost service so you don’t need to pay single penny for it.

In order to avail this facility, you have to complete an online registration for which we have shared a stepwise process here:

1. Open the Indane gas official website.

2. Click on “Consumer Login” shown on the top bar of the website.

3. Click on “Register Now” and enter your details like state, district, distributor and consumer details and proceed to complete the registration process.

Process To Apply For New Indane Gas Connection

Indane Gas Booking Number

As mentioned at the begging of this article, Every 7 out of 10 households are having LPG connection of Indane and one of the major factors behind capturing this kind of market share is their process for customers to apply for new Indane gas connection. You can apply for a new connection by both the mediums online & offline.

To apply for a new indane gas connection online, you have to go through SHAHJ and e-SV scheme of Indian Oil Corporation.

To apply offline, you can visit your nearest Indane gas distributor agency.

There are some documents required for Indane gas new connection. We have shared a complete list of documents below. Go through it and make a folder of these documents before applying for a new gas connection of Indane.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Lease Agreement
  • Recent telephone, water or electricity bills
  • Passport
  • LIC policy
  • Bank account statement

How to get the list of Indane gas new connection price?

Indane severs LPG gas cylinders in all the regions of India. The price list for a new connection is different for all the regions and also changes because of external & internal factors. We recommend you to contact your nearest distributor or visit Indane gas official website to get Indane gas price list and new connection price list.

How you can get Indane Gas Subsidy in your account?

The central government of India has started to transfer the LPG cylinder subsidy in the consumer’s bank account. In order to get your Indane gas subsidy, you have to link your Aadhar card with your bank account and Indane gas consumer number.

No worry, if you don’t have Aadhar card, just contact your nearest Indane gas distributor and provide your bank details like bank account number, IFSC code and branch name along with consumer number. Your distributor will transfer the subsidy amount in your bank account.


I hope that the information shared above is helpful for you and all your doubts related to Indane gas booking number and booking procedure have been cleared. We have also covered almost all the points related to new connection application, pricing, and subsidy of Indane gas.

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